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Getting to know the mountain

27 May 2022

Team building: together we get more results

Team building is literally the building of a group or team. It is a tool available to companies to improve teamwork and facilitate the achievement of goals. In fact, not surprisingly, more and more companies are using this approach within their production departments. Coordinating sets of people during work shifts, forming a united team, and […]
27 April 2022

Discover team building in nature

Do team building in nature means understanding how mountains are a formidable context for continuous learning. This is also thanks to the culture and knowledge that arise in those who frequent these places and not only learn about them but also, and more importantly, experience them. Indeed, it is no coincidence that experiences occurring in […]
Getting to know the mountain
23 March 2022

Doing outdoor corporate team building with an experience in nature

One has to step out of the comfort zone donated by the city in order to create a solid team that is always ready to deal compactly with any unforeseen event. Because the game, after all, is very much like corporate life. In both you have a goal and must achieve it through your own […]
Getting to know the mountain
10 November 2021

How to prepare for a multi-day Mountain Trek.

Are you able to participate in a mountain trek? How can you understand whether your physical fitness allows you to tackle a walk of several consecutive days? If we want to participate in a trek and particularly in the mountains, such as the ones we organize, we must be able to sustain the commitment required. […]