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Since childhood, I have been frequenting the alpine environment in all seasons of the year, alternating sports according to mountain conditions.

As a child accompanied by my grandfather and parents and then on my own or with friends, I have always tried to deepen my knowledge and experience in attending this amazing world that is never taken for granted.

Passion and drive drove me to decide to embark on the path to qualify as a Medium Mountain Guide thus turning my passion into a full-time profession allowing me to be able to convey and introduce other enthusiasts to the value and natural beauty that the mountains offer.
So it was that in 2019 I obtained the much coveted professional license by joining the Association of Italian Mountain Guides through the College of Mountain Guides of Veneto and Piedmont.

I love to be reminded of what the mountains have to give us back through the marks left by our ancestors during their past lives, for example of when they would go up to the mountain pastures during the summer with their livestock, as well as the inexhaustible beauty of the complex balance of the rocks and slopes of the peaks that form the backdrop.

Of the historic communities that lived before us, I especially admire their sort of devotion to attention to detail aimed at enhancing what the mountains could offer, from which despite the poverty of means compared to today, they were also able to derive sustenance for their survival and even laid the foundations of the world in which we still live today, sometimes unfortunately in a superficial and overly obvious manner.

Today I lead groups of people on hikes and treks from east to west in the Alps, that is, from the Dolomites to the great massifs of the Alps such as Mont Blanc, the Matterhorn, and Monterosa.

Languages spoken: ITALIAN and ENGLISH

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