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Andrea Vincenzo Lucchi

L’ebrezza di quell’ora passata lassù, isolato dal mondo nella gloria delle altezze, potrebbe essere sufficiente a giustificare qualunque follia.

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Andrea Vincenzo Lucchi - Dolomiti Beat
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Hi, it's Andrea!

I have been frequenting the alpine environment for many years now, and I have always enjoyed playing in that terrain while sticking to the rules of nature.

Until a few years ago, I approached my climbs by adapting to the changing seasons: in winter and early spring I favored ski mountaineering and climbing icefalls; in fall and summer I completed my trips on normal routes or climbing the more vertical slopes.

What most stimulates me to this frequentation is not the desire to exceed my limits, nor the challenge with the mountains, but the simple need to immerse myself in an unspoiled environment that takes me back, in some way, to the origins of the human-nature relationship.

Following the Veneto Region's training process to become a Medium Mountain Guide has allowed me to broaden my knowledge of the mountain environment, delving into geological, botanical, wildlife and cultural aspects, and to be able to make my experience available to all those who want to face the mountains safely and confidently.

Now that I am a mountain professional, I lead groups of people on hikes, treks, e-bike tours in the Pre-Alps and Dolomites and accompany to discover the beautiful canyons in hidden corners of our area on river trekking outings.

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