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Daniel Castelli

“Il passato è a valle, il futuro a monte.
Qualunque cosa sia il destino, abita nelle montagne che abbiamo sopra la testa”.

Paolo Cognetti

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The floor plan of the house in which I grew up reflects an old custom whereby the kitchen faces south and the rooms face north.

This good design rule reserved for me a small room overlooking hills and foothills, woods and meadows, inevitable not to feel attraction to that world that was just begging to be explored and that I had begun to know from that window.

As I grew up, my gaze went beyond those hills, further north, to the Dolomites and into all those mountains that give me excitement.
There they are, after all, outside my bedroom window.

"If the point at which you plunge into a river is the present, I thought, then the past is the water that has passed you by, the water that goes downward and where there is nothing left for you, while the future is the water that comes down from above, bringing dangers and surprises. The past is downstream, the future is upstream.
Whatever fate is, it dwells in the mountains above our heads."

Paolo Cognetti

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