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Sulla montagna sentiamo la voglia di vivere, la commozione di sentirsi buoni e il sollievo di dimenticare le miserie terrene. Tutto questo perché siamo più vicini al cielo.

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Hi, it's Giorgio!

I was born in Belluno in December 1988, but almost immediately with my family we moved to Cadore.

I spent my childhood right there, immersed in the beautiful mountains of Cadore discovering their wild and bewitching nature. Since childhood I have always been attracted to those high peaks and dense forests.

In fact, with friends we began from the very beginning to explore and experience those places that were at times silent and at times rich in
life, learning and experimenting with the curiosity that only children have.

As I grew up, I pushed myself a little further and further by experiencing the mountains in all their aspects.

My love for the nature of the mountains drove me to cultivate what are now my greatest passions. I started first with fishing together with grandfather and long walks with my mother, then trekking to finally get closer and closer to rock and ice climbing, and ski mountaineering.

I enjoy experiencing the mountains in every aspect and season, whether it is along a stream fly-fishing or climbing the bare, rugged walls of the Dolomites. A few years ago thanks to my father I rediscovered mountain biking and in particular Enduro, which bewitched me!

All these passions of mine have a common denominator: fully experiencing the nature around me by respecting it and learning from it that true happiness lies in appreciating the little things and making them your own.

In 2015, I graduated from the University of Trieste with a degree in pharmacy, and soon after I specialized in sports nutrition and supplementation. After graduation I returned to my mountains, but the pharmacy job alone was not fulfilling me to the fullest. So I decided to follow that voice calling me. It was my great love for nature that prompted me to become a Medium Mountain Guide.

This course was a great trip in which I was able to learn a lot and deepen my knowledge gathered over these years of "exploration" in order to be able to pass it on to the people I will accompany on my trips.

Now all that remains is to go out and find out what nature will give us today.

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