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Giada Pizzol

Sarà solo un attimo: un attimo di grande chiarezza
e una sensazione pacificante;
immerso nella consolante vastità dell'universo,
l'uomo non la guarderà, ne farà parte.

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Giada Pizzol - Dolomiti Beat
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Hi, it's Jade!

I grew up between Vittorio Veneto, the town where I was born, and Chies, a small town in the mountains of Alpago, my mother's homeland where my grandparents still live.

A lifelong lover of sports and nature, I am a fitness instructor at the gym and have been mountaineering, trail running, and cycling both road and mountain biking for several years.

The mountains and I have always sought each other out even though unfortunately life has kept us apart for some time, first during my years of study in Venice where I majored in linguistic and cultural mediation with a Chinese-English major and later when work led me to move for long periods to Asia, first to Shanghai and then to Hong Kong.

It was upon my return to Italy that I began to really cultivate my passion for the outdoors, getting closer and closer to the mountains until I fell madly in love with them.

And it was on the wave of this overwhelming love that after working for a few years in local companies as a foreign salesperson, I decided to change my life and enroll in the Veneto Mountain Guides College's Medium Mountain Accompanies course, which allowed me to turn this great passion of mine into a profession.

For me, mountains are joy, serenity, curiosity, energy, effort, relief, wonder, sharing, reflection, discovery, adventure, freedom.
To put it in one word, it's LIFE....and I look forward to taking you with me to safely experience this extraordinary environment that will be able to give you unique emotions that you will carry in your heart forever!

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